Ellen has focused her publishing career on the marketing and editorial departments of publications and publishing houses, most recently assuming the role of managing editor at Ploughshares.

She spent her time at Emerson College working as Editorial Director of Wilde Press, the publishing house run by Emerson College’s Undergraduate Students for Publishing, and Editor-in-Chief of Concrete Literary Magazine, a literary magazine published annually in print and monthly online. She ushered the journal into the worlds of digital publishing and intensive marketing in order to bring the publication to a larger, technology-loving audience.

Ellen also worked in editorial roles at the following organizations:

Boston Social Justice, Editor (September-December 2012)
Stork Magazine, Copy Editor (January-May 2012)
The Lion, The Stitch, and The Wardrobe, Associate Editor (September 2011-May 2012)
The Chronicle, Associate Editor (September 2008-May 2010)

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