Popular Kings Island attraction gets a spooky makeover

Last year’s FearFest has received a makeover and with that, a new name: Halloween Haunt. When Cedar Fair took over the previously Paramount-run theme park, several changes were made, including additional “mazes” for the Halloween season that attracts many visitors hoping to be scared by an assortment of monsters. This year also brings a change in the festivities’ hours, as the Haunt is now open from 7 p.m. to 1 a.m. on Fridays and Saturdays.

Club Blood, an entirely new haunt created in part by Knots Berry Farms (the minds behind various haunted adventures), features vampire women and gory DJs. Massacre Manor, a “newly acquired property,” hints at murder and exorcism as potential buyers traipse around rooms adorned with portraits of a young girl. For those looking for a clownish fright, try CarnEvil: the 3D glasses make the dots and swirls pop right off the solid walls.

“Fear Zones” are still up and running in the park with sections such as Cornstalkers, where hidden creatures wait to spring out from the corn, and The Worksite, where blood spatters the plastic curtains and chainsaws abound.

For those without Kings Island passes wishing to witness some frightening, visit the Halloween Haunt website where discount tickets can be purchased (Friday nights for $19.95 and Saturday nights for $24.95). The park will also be open on Halloween for “Bare Bones” Night.

Published in The Chronicle (page 15) on October 26, 2007.


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