What I’m Reading: February 24

Classes are a thing that happened. They brought with them their friends, Projects and Papers. Their friends are big and strong and pushed my friends, Reading for Pleasure and Watching Television into the darkest corners of my little bedroom.

Fortunately, Classes also brought with them Reading for Work, which, due to my selection of quality courses this semester, has led to my consumption of some quality literature. Some shallow descriptions that don’t take a into account the numerous theoretical discourses to which these books contribute are below.

  1. Memoirs of a Woman Doctor by Nawal El Saadawi (City Lights Books; January 1, 2001 [originally published 1958) is a fictional memoir of a woman in Egypt who defies social expectations by becoming a doctor (obviously) and leaving a husband who she feels mistreats her.
  2. July’s People by Nadine Gordimer (Penguin Books; July 29, 1982 [originally published 1981]) is the story of a white South African family fleeing the suburbs with to stay in a village with their black South African servant. It won the Nobel Prize or something; no big deal.

I’m also still reading The Bell Jar, which is lovely in its images and which I think comments more than anything on the distance Sylvia Plath felt from the world.


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