I haven’t written since last April. I’ve been talking around my thesis, claiming to be selecting scenes and doing memory-based research and immersive research and scholarly background research when in reality I’ve been sitting in front of my computer watching It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. I’ve been walking to the corner supermarket and buying boxes of frozen … More Beginnings


The day the radiator caught the apartment complex on fire was the day Janet lost her virginity, doing breathing exercises under a dirty comforter six blocks west. It was the striped sweater, the one her mom had bought her on sale at Walmart last fall, that’d done it–that’d turned the dresses and blouses scattered across … More Blazes

Who gave these Flamingos those Tuxedos? by Donnie Welch

Donnie Welch’s collection of poetry, Who gave these Flamingos those Tuxedos?, is accessible to both children and adults. Its themes are universally relatable, and its language is playful. Ellen worked as Editorial Director on the book, which was published on April 26, 2013. She oversaw the Head Editor and the substantive editing team, and worked closely … More Who gave these Flamingos those Tuxedos? by Donnie Welch